Reviews: frequently asked questions


This article covers the frequently asked questions for the Reviews functionality of Talis Aspire Reading Lists (TARL).

Frequently asked questions

Can we export a Review to process outside of Talis Aspire?

In Reviews 1.0 you can export the review as a CSV file.

In Reviews 2.0 exports are not available.  This is because more functionality is available from within Reviews 2.0, including alerts for new editions, recent changes if the list has been previously reviewed, library availability and more.

Can we report on Review outcomes used across all active Reviews?

Talis Aspire Reviews is designed as a workflow for processing a reading list as a whole, all the way through to completion.  For this reason a report on review outcomes for individual items is not currently available. We do have a backlogged idea on the Ideas Forum relating to this improvement -

If a reading list has an active review, can it still be edited?

Yes, you can continue to edit the reading list while the review is being processed. When a reviewer next enters the review, it will notify them that the review is being update with recent changes.

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