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This article covers the frequently asked questions for the Reviews functionality of Talis Aspire Reading Lists (TARL).

Frequently asked questions

Q - Can we export a Review to process outside of Talis Aspire?

A - You are able to export a CSV file of a review from the individual list's review screen. Once a reading list has been archived, the review will also be archived and you are not able to open the review. As you can't open the review, you are also unable to export it.

Q - Can we retrieve a report from TARL where items have a newer edition available?

A - Again, Talis Aspire Reviews is designed as a workflow for processing individual reading lists as a whole.  A report on individual items across the tenancy that have been flagged with newer editions is not available.

Q - If a reading list has an active review, can it still be edited?

A - Yes, you can continue to edit the reading list while the review is being processed. When a reviewer next enters the review, it will notify them that the review is being updated with recent changes.

Q - How do I add staff to the Assignee list in Reviews?

A - The Assignee list is made up of users with the Acquisitions role in TARL. To add names to this list you will need to invite them to this role. Once they have accepted the role their name will be available from the Assignee list. 

Q - I can't archive or delete my list when there is a Review active?

A - That's correct. If a Review is requested or in progress, the options to archive or delete are not available.  Once you mark the review as completed, these options will be available.

The only exception to this rule is if you select to archive your lists during the rollover process.

Q - My review has disappeared since I rolled over.  Why is that?

A - This relates back to the selections you made when you rolled over.  By selecting to archive the old reading lists at rollover, you are also selecting to archive any reviews associated with that reading list.

Q - I currently have older Reviews that are either in progress or requested, and I know the reading list has been archived.  What happens with these?

A - If you attempt to open one of these Reviews, the Review will progress through its usual updating process, identify that the list has been archived, then update the Review to also be archived.  At this point, you will be returned to the Reviews home screen.

Q - What does the "Not in this integration" refer to under the Available formats heading in the vendor area of Reviews?

The "Available format" information is only available in the advanced supplier integration which is currently only set up with Askews & Holts. The "Not in this integration" displays for all other vendors as we aren't collecting that information in the current integration.

Q - How do I archive Reviews?

Before it can be archived, a Review must be completed. From the Reviews homepage, you can use the filters to show only Completed Reviews; highlight the ones you need to archive, then click on the Archive icon.

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