Working with lists in review

This article is a guide on how to work with lists using reviews  

The following screenshots take you through the different stages of reviews and the key features to be aware of.

  1. Reviews summary screen with pink alert flag. Note the range of filtering options available at the top of the screen (Stages, Status, Assigned to, Alerts and a Search option).
  2. To start a review you will need to click onto the play button in the top menu.
  3. Reviews page for a selected List – notice pink (!) Alert icons on list items indicating that there is a change for this item. The right hand side of the screen shows the item details (for the selected item), with the areas of change clearly highlighted in pink.
  4. In this example we can see that the ‘Note for Library’, ‘Note for Student’ and ‘Student No.’ have changed since the last review of this item (on this Reading List) Reviews.png
  5. Selecting the ‘View breakdown’ option for ‘Student No.’ opens a popup screen detailing which lists this item is on, the importance of the item on each list along with the number of students on each list. Having all this information in one place helps the user to make a much more informed Review decision.
  6. Scrolling down the item level information the user can review the full history of previous review decision for this item on the current Reading List and for decisions made for the same item on other Reading Lists.
  7. The icons at the top of the Review list page allow the users to: Set the Stage (against the agreed terms set up during implementation), Complete the Review, Assign a user (individual/team), Set a review outcome & notes and edit the resource) 
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