Talis Product and Services Update - July 2016

Our product and service teams are always working hard to provide the best service we can to our customers and users. Find out about some of our latest Talis Developments.


Latest Talis Aspire Developments
You can stay up to date with our latest plans on our Development Focus.

  • Change to My bookmarks - we have improved the functionality when adding a bookmark to a list from the My Bookmarks tab. Instead of getting the long list of all lists you have created you can now search for the list to be added to. This will benefit all of you who have been creating lists and have a long backlog of lists. For more details see this Product release notice.
  • Support articles of interest – What happens when I raise a support case
  • Bookmarking – Talis Aspire Reading Lists now supports bookmarking from over 230 different sources.  Please take a look at the following article, where can I bookmark from, to see the full list of sources that Talis supports. If there is a site that you use that you would like Talis to effectively bookmark from, then please raise a support ticket.  This month, we have added the following bookmark recognisers:
    • Loeb Classical Library
    • Lynda.com
    • Outdoor Education New Zealand

Google Books Preview

We are aware that many of our customers have received an email from Google Books alerting you to a change in the way they are embedding Google Books preview in a screen and that this will impact Talis Aspire Reading Lists. We are looking into this and how we incorporate the change into the system.

Tips for engaging academics
If you’re in the UK, you’re probably trying to get your academics to create or update their reading lists before they head out the door in search of sun. Or, you may planning ahead for the Academic return late summer. And for those readers based in APAC you may still be contacting academics to make sure everything is ready for this semester.  Here are a few webinars full of tip tops for engagement:

Need to review your processes? Refresher Training for key users? Hints and tips for academic engagement?
Speak to us if you require support or would like to set up some of our training sessions or a business process review. Show others at your institution what value we could add to this process by sharing:Pushing the boundaries of your reading lists and digitisation services with Talis Aspire where Sian Blake – Digitisation Librarian, University of East Anglia and Rachel Johnson – Digital Resources Librarian, University of South Wales, present their thoughts on the process. We can arrange a call to discuss your needs.

Primo Interface changes – August 2016
We understand that the August release of Primo will include an interface change. So that we can understand the impact of the Talis Aspire Reading Lists Integration, please do raise a support ticket when you have an instance available in order for us to review.

Google Analytics
We have run several webinars on Google Analytics over the past 18 months and have heard from a couple of customers how they are using them to drive academic engagement. We would like to run a webinar to encourage discussion from customers on how they are using the figures, what they are presenting to their Senior Management, how are these statistics helping with engagement and anything else related to Google Analytics. If you have something that you feel would be good to share (however small) with others then please do email Laura (lu@talis.com). We are not looking for full presentations but really just highlights to get a real mix of customer usage and to encourage one another to use them in our engagement.

Improving Acquisition Efficiency
We now have 70% of customers using the new Reviews 2.0 in a public beta. Using Reviews 2.0, will enable you to improve your acquisition efficiency.  If you are interested in learning more, we have also created a series of articles relating to acquisitions and review processes and set up that you may want to explore: Acquisitions and reviews overview.

If you are interested in joining the public beta programme, please raise a support ticket.

Developer Community
Join our developer community to find out more about APIs, and some of the technical nitty gritty that goes into successfully integrating Talis Aspire with university systems. If you would like to register to receive our developer community newsletter, please email consulting@talis.com. Find out what has been happening in July in our blog.

Things to think about
Would like to organise a review with the Talis team? This would be focusing on getting the most from Talis Aspire and ensuring Talis Aspire is working as efficiently as possible for your University. Please email Alison Spencer to organise a time that works for you and your team to have a call.

To keep up to date with the latest work that Talis are doing do check out our blog.

Kind regards,

The Services Team

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