Engaging Academic Law Departments (webinar)


The University of Birmingham have been using Talis Aspire for a year and have faced the challenge, as many do, of engaging academic departments who are already time pressured. Lisa Anderson, Subject Advisor for the College of Arts & Law, joined us to give an insight into how she has approached rolling out reading lists in the Law School. It was great to have Lisa share some of those challenges and fears not only from the department but also from herself as a Subject Advisor and how she has overcome those.

In this webinar Lisa shared with us:

  • the approach she has taken,
  • how they have worked round bookmarking law resources enabling students to use their search skills to find cases,
  • how the academics have viewed it,
  • lots of general tips on engaging departments.

Listen to this webinar if you are a law librarian, or you would like some tips and strategies on how to engage the department that you work with.

Webinar recording


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