Talis Aspire Reading Lists Release Notice - 13th July 2016

We released a new version of Talis Aspire Reading Lists with the following improvement. Please raise any comments or questions against this article. Thank You.


Save and Add-to-List 

We have introduced a change which changes the list selection mechanism for the "Add to list" function on the My Bookmarks page, thus causing there to be two mechanisms for doing the same thing in the system.

The mechanism remains the same i.e. a drop-down menu of lists, when invoked from the bookmarking screen (either via the bookmarklet or manual creation of a bookmark).

However, it has been changed to a search mechanism when using the "Add to list" action on an existing bookmark on the "My bookmarks" page.


This change was introduced to reduce the performance impact of the previous mechanism which required a user's lists to be loaded in advance, which was particularly significant for our library power users who often have a lot of lists.

Why didn't we also make the change on the bookmarking page?

We intended to do so, but we faced some challenges with implementing this new mechanism because of the old templates used on that page (which currently doesn't match the templates used in the rest of Talis Aspire). This will be addressed when we are able to update the templates on the bookmarking page.

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