Using data to drive academic engagement through strategic reporting (webinar)


This webinar has come about from a series that has developed over the last six months. Back in February 2016 Joanne Dunham from the University of Leicester joined us on a webinar explaining how they had been using Google Analytics to drive their academic engagement. Leading on from this more of you wanted to know how they were using this data in a broader way across the library.  Joanne was joined by Neil Donohue also from the University of Leicester at Insight Europe 2016 where they shared how they were using this data to enable discussions about collections policies and module resources.

Following on from their presentation at Insight Europe 2016, a lot of you were asking the question "where is the data coming from?" Joanne and Neil kindly agreed to do a further webinar sharing where the data is collected from, how it is collated together and some of their future thinking.


Webinar recording 

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