Why your HTTPS URL is different to your original URL

Why is the reading list HTTPS URL different to our original URL?

The answer to this question is answered in two parts.

1. Your university owns your original domain/URL

As your university owns your domain/URL Talis are not able to purchase a HTTPS certificate for your original URL.

2. Talis manage the HTTPS certificate

HTTPS certificates need to be renewed every year.  If the certificate was to expire without being renewed, you'd not be able to access your tenancy.  Because of this Talis do not let universities provide a https certificate for their domain.  Instead Talis manage this on your behalf - purchasing a single certificate for all the tenancies on the rl.talis.com domain (this includes your tenancy's new https url eg. https://<tenancycode>.rl.talis.com).*

* Note: You are not charged extra for this service.

For more information on https and how to enable it, please see this article.

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