Network connections to ESS Library systems

This article outlines connections that will need to be made between Talis products and ESS Library Management Systems.

We have worked with customers using Alto, Soprano and Chorus.

You should check with ESS to identify the correct port as there may be differences to those listed here.

Talis Aspire Reading Lists and Talis Aspire Digitised Content both need access to these services on your ESS system.

  • Z39.50ports 210 or 2121 exactly which one may depend on which server is hosting your externally facing z39.50 service. This service is used to lookup bibliographic details for resources.
  • SRU — This is usually proxied over SSL (port 448) and may or may not be hosted by the university. This service is used to lookup bibliographic details for resources.
  • Local Data Services - sometimes known as "Talis Aspire Connect" — Port 80 - the server hosting the local data service has an additional layer of access control in the local data service itself. You will need to contact ESS to make sure that we have the correct access to this service. This service is used to lookup item availability holdings details for resources. A username or password may also be required in order for Talis Aspire to connect to the Local Data Service.

The Talis IP address ranges that might use these services are listed in the main IP address article.

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