Embedding digitisations outside of your Talis Aspire Reading Lists

When we set up your Talis Aspire Digitise Content (TADC) tenancy we configure it so that all digitisations can be embedded in the reading list.

You may want to allow academics to embed the digitisation elsewhere, so the Learning Management Tool for instance. This is possible after completing a few steps as outlined:

1. Log into your TADC back end

2. Select Admin and Settings

3. Click onto the Bundles tab, here you will see a section for "Allowable bundle referrals" and your Talis Aspire Reading List tenancy url will be listed here

4. You can then add the url of the new place where you would like digitisations to be embedded

5. Save

This will allow academics to embed in those systems containing that url.




You can also use the Bundle URL as the web address for items that appear more than once on a list.

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