Talis Aspire Reading Lists - backups and disaster recovery

Talis Aspire Reading Lists is a fully redundant service with multiple servers located within the EU that can seamlessly handle server and database failures.  All services are equipped with automatic fail-over should an issue occur.  

In terms of data backup and retention we have a 3 tier strategy:

  • There are hot replicas of databases should primaries fail - failover is automatic.
  • We take full and complete daily backups of all data and archive to an offsite location.
  • We maintain a fully redundant transaction log in a separate data centre from which we can replay all transactions from a point in time.  This enables backups to be brought up to a specified time.

In the event of a multi data centre failure, Talis Aspire is able to be reprovisioned in a number of other EU data centre locations.


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