Acquisitions review outcomes

What are review outcomes?

The 'review outcome' drop-down is configured during the initial set-up of your tenancy and using information provided in the tenancy set-up questionnaire. A 'review outcome' is assigned to a specific item on a reading list and is used to indicate a decision, the completion of a process, or the next process to be completed. 

How to configure your acquisition review outcomes:

Review outcomes are not automatically activated in your tenancy - to enable, please raise a support ticket detailing the outcomes you would like to see, in the order you would like them to be presented, and the team will configure them for you and activate the feature. 

How to set an acquisition review outcome on a review:

To set an acquisition review outcome, when in the reviews screen, click the 'Add outcome' drop down menu for the list of outcomes and select the outcomes you want to set. You can also use the comment box to record the action that is taken so you have a record of this in subsequent reviews.

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