Acquisitions review stages

What are Acquisition review stages?

When a library is reviewing a list, it may pass through a set of distinct tasks or stages (depending on your established local workflow), such as checking of metadata, checking of existing stock, eBook availability etc. The review stages within TARL allows review staff to assign a review to a number of pre-configured stages

How to configure your acquisition review stages:

Review stages are not automatically activated in your tenancy - to enable, please raise a support ticket detailing the stages you would like to see, in the order you would like them to be presented, and the team will configure them for you and activate the feature. In addition, you can also specify a "default state" - if set, as soon as a review is started it will assume that state. Just let the services team know if you'd like a default state in your activation ticket.

How to set an acquisition review stage on a review

To set an acquisition review stage, when in the reviews screen, click the 'Actions' drop down menu for the list of stages and select the stage you want to set.


Filters on the All Reviews screen

It is possible to filter the All Reviews screen by the acquisition review stage. This will allow you to see all lists that are at that stage in the process.

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