Book supplier integration with Talis Aspire Reviews

A key part of reviewing lists in Talis Aspire Reading Lists is being able to order the stock that is required for that years reading. We have worked to integrate the universities main book suppliers into the reviews screen so that you can easily link out to the book suppliers and place your orders.

What book suppliers can be used?

  • AbeBooks*
  • Browns Books
  • Coutts OASIS (Proquest)*
  • Ebook Central (Proquest)
  • OttoEditions*

Enhanced supplier integration 

We have also developed deeper level integrations with GOBI, Ebook Central, and Browns Books, details of which can be found in our support article: Enhanced Supplier Integrations in Reviews

Specifically, library teams are now able to access the following information as part of the acquisitions workflows in Talis Aspire: 

  1. Determine availability of an item at one or more suppliers 
  2. Determine availability of other formats at one or more suppliers 
  3. Determine e-availability at one or more suppliers 
  4. Determine customer specific pricing for items at one or more suppliers 
  5. See detail on currently held subscriptions or holdings

*How does the basic integration work?

When conducting a library review of a list, you will see a link to look at the price in your supplier. This is a widget that inserts a link allowing the user to lookup any resources with an ISBN in the book suppliers interface.

The widget constructs a link to the book supplier. On clicking the link, a new browser window will open. If you are not already logged in, the supplier will ask you to log in via a popup window. Once logged in, the supplier will search for a record using the first ISBN present on the resource.

Note: The Enhanced Supplier integrations contain information on available formats for purchase. The standard integrations don't contain this information, so state "not in this integration" - this means that the format information is not available to be displayed, it does not mean that the item is unavailable for purchase. 

How do I turn these on?

If you would like any of the suppliers to be added to your reviews setup please raise a support ticket identifying the ones you would like to use.


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