What is the difference between a book metadata refresh and performing an item look up?

There are differences to how Talis Aspire Reading Lists performs a Book metadata refresh and an individual item look up

Book metadata Refresh

Looks up the ISBNs for all book and chapter items without a Local Control Number (LCN) present in the item/bookmark metadata. This links the item to the library catalogue and availability.

Importantly if chapter details have been added prior to this action the chapter details are still present after the process is complete.

More details on this process can be found in this article on book metadata refresh


ISBN, LCN or DOI Lookup

This function is available from the edit metadata or edit bookmark screen, and can be used to look up the given ISBN, LCN or DOI for an individual item, even if one of these fields is already present in the bookmark. The feature uses the entered information to search for a match in:

  • Your local catalogue if completing an ISBN or LCN lookup,
  • CrossRef if completing a DOI lookup.

If a match is found the metadata is then pulled through from your library catalogue or CrossRef into the bookmark.  The presence of the LCN in the bookmark links the item to the library catalogue, allowing the availability to display.

NOTE:  If a bookmark has chapter details prior to this action, you will lose this data as it overwrites the record completely. The book details will list in the chapter tab and the Is Part of tab is blank and once saved, it changes to a book resource type and chapter detail is removed. 

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