COinS bookmarking with EBSCO

Talis works in partnership with a lot of providers to improve the overall experience in many areas including bookmarking.

Recently Talis collaborated with EBSCO to improve bookmarking from within their products on the EBSCOhost platform including EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS).  With this improvement EBSCO have made available a COinS App that once enabled pushes metadata into the correct fields of the bookmark.  This means that if EBSCO ever change their website, the bookmark will not be effected.

What does the App look like once it's enabled?

Once the EBSCO COinS App has been enabled on your EBSCO interface, bookmarking becomes a two step experience:

Step 1. Click bookmarklet tool in your chosen web browser - this adds a 'Bookmark to reading list' link to your EBSCO interface which contains the curated COinS data, ready to bookmark.

Step 2. Click the Bookmark link on you EBSCO interface - this will launch the bookmarklet preview where you can edit the data before saving.  

Once you save your bookmark you are returned to your EBSCO interface.

How to enable the COinS App

To enable the COinS App visit and submit a request.

Please note: This feature is only available for those who have an EBSCO cloud services subscription.

If you have any questions about this please raise a support ticket.

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    CJ de Jong

    Although easy to implement, when I tried this out, I felt that it changed the workflow to be more awkward and confusing for the user. I personally would not recommend implementing this.

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    Rebecca Carruthers

    Thanks for this feedback CJ. The COinS workflow does add a link to the screen which the users have to be aware of, but the benefit is reliable data for the bookmark, so it really is something that people should test and see for themselves.

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