Google Analytics overview

Each Talis Aspire Reading Lists tenancy has a Google Analytics account attached to it. You can use the Google Analytics account to find out some key questions:

  • How many unique visits have there been to my tenancy?
  • What is the top list for the month?
  • What is the most clicked on item?
  • What device are people using to access the tenancy?
  • Where in the world are people accessing the tenancy from?

These articles will guide you through how to get set up in Google Analytics, the basics of how Google analytics works and a more advanced recording of tips and tricks to take you further into the analytics.



How do I get access to Google Analytics?

Overview of the basics of Google Analytics

Google Analytics in more depth and tips and tricks

Why are my statistics using Dashboard different to those in Google Analytics?

Google Analytics - Visitors

Adding page titles into Google Analytics custom reports

Measuring reading list success using Google Analytics

How libraries are using Google Analytics (webinar)

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