Rollover FAQs - Talis Aspire Digitised Content (TADC)

Below are the frequently asked questions regarding Talis Aspire Digitised Content (TADC) rollover. If you wish to view the frequently asked questions regarding Talis Aspire Reading Lists rollover please click here.

Q - Does the rollover process check for recent editions?

A - In TADC, the concierge runs the same checks as a new request so will check for the most recent edition as part of that check.

Q - If we manually copy a reading list rather than rollover from one Semester to another and rollover the scans in TADC, will they link?

A - A manually copied list will not pick up rolled over TADC requests. The rolled over TADC requests will need to be manually linked to the reading list items on the manually copied list.  Once a TADC request has been linked to a reading list item it can not be edited, so please take care that you are linking to the correct item.

Q - If I use the “link to reading list” to manually link a digitisation to a reading list, will this link rollover?

A - So long as you rollover your Reading Lists then your Digitised Content the links will rollover.

Q - What happens if we just 'Pre-clear' the digitisation requests instead of 'Editing and pre-clearing'?

A - If you select 'Pre-clear', you will be prompted to enter start and end dates for the new rolled over digitisation requests. If no dates are entered, course dates will usually be set to exactly one year from the date they are being rolled over from. For more detail about default rollover dates, see our TADC Rollover Step-by-step support article.

'Edit and Pre-clear' automatically adds 12 months to the start dates of the original requests. It also provides you with an opportunity to preview the new dates for these digitisation and make another bulk edits such as course details before you pre-clear. For this reason, we suggest you use the 'Edit and Pre-clear' option.

Q - If we haven't rolled over in TARL can we bulk rollover in TADC? 

A - This answer has been updated inline with the improvement released in September 2017.

If you attempt to rollover in TADC before you rollover in TARL, you will receive a validation warning.  These validation warnings provide you with the options to:

  • filter the rollover queue by the requests in question
  • or remove them from the queue.

Where a reading lists rollover warning is presented, it is also possible to select to link the rolled over digitisations to the same list item or to manually link them following the rollover.  For more information on this please see the Validation checks - Talis Aspire Digitised Content article.

Q. If an item was originally referred and copyright was obtained or overridden will it refer again on rollover?

A - Yes it will refer for the same reason if it still applies.

Q - When we rollover in Talis Aspire Reading Lists, the Live digitisations for the original list are appearing on the rollover copy list.  Is that correct?

A - This is correct, and a big benefit of reading list rollover - digitisations appear on both the original list and rolled over copy of the list until the digitisation expires. This is so if a student accidentally stumbles on the new list instead of the current time period's list, they can still get access to the required digitisations.

Q - How can we bring down digitisations for a brief period between courses?

A - You can not bring down and then reinstate the same request ID. Instead, you would have one request expire and a new request go live with a few days in between. You can manage this with the time periods and rollover in reading list to allow a gap in between end and start dates.
To stop list publishers overriding the time period dates in the request we recommended protecting the dates of the time period via the protect dates setting in the Digitised Content Admin (menu) > Settings > Policies (tab).

Q - Is there a limit to the number of items you can have in a queue, or a limit to the number of queues at any given time?

A - 200 items is the maximum number of requests you can have in any single rollover queue.

Q - How soon after Reading List rollover should you do Digitised Content rollover?

A - As soon as your Reading List Rollover has completed you can start the rollover in TADC, but it can wait, the key is to complete before the scans are required, or the previous scan expires if students need access.

Q - Some Students will need access to digitisations during the summer in order to prepare for resit exams which take place in August. The digitisations for this will have expired at the end of our two semesters (in December and May). Have you any suggestions about the best way to handle this?

A - The student may have downloaded or printed the scan already, think about not having a summer gap in the scan by having time periods that roll straight into the next.

Q - If everything goes smoothly, how long should the whole rollover process take?

A - There is no average time we can suggest for Digitised Content.  Liken this to when a scan is requested for the first time, there maybe copyright rights to obtain, or a new edition to source. During the pre-clearing stage, a digitisation request processes through the concierge as quickly as a new request.

Q - To clarify the availability of scans at rollover - does the old scan e.g. 18/19 stay viewable on both lists until it expires at which point the new scan e.g. 19/20 will become viewable at its go live date on the new list?

A - Exactly that, the old scan will be on both lists for a short while then when the original scan request expires and the new scan request becomes live it will only be available to view on the new list.

Q - If we rollover in June, what happens to digitisation on list which are tied to the calendar year?

A - Access to the live scan works on the live dates of the request, it is suggested for ease that you protect the dates so that at the point of request the Reading List time periods are used, if the scan is live it will be visible, see answer above.

Q - Do you have to roll over everything, or can you just roll over all your live / successful requests to avoid re-doing those which failed?

A - You can only rollover live or expired request any requests that were referred or rejected are not included, and you can deal with the referrals from these, maybe due to edition changes, in the same way you do a fresh request.

Q - Can we run reports for lists with live scans attached, lists with pending scans and lists with rejected scans?

A - No we don’t have this level of data integration. You can raise this as an idea on the ideas forum - please remember to give detail on how this will be useful to the process.

Q - If a list is archived (and removed from the hierarchy), will any associated TADC scans disappear from it?

A - No - if the scans are still live, e.g run the rollover in June and the scans have an end date of the end of July, they will still be accessible on the original reading list (although archived would not be seen by students) and also on the new version of the reading list that was rolled over in line with the dates on the scan and reading list.

Digitisation scan bundles may be hosted outside of the reading list, for example in course materials or as a link in your VLE/LMS. Therefore, this URL scan bundle would remain live for the duration of the time period of the request and list this was raised from. 

Q - If we rollover en masse and pre-clear and then need to change module details, later on, will the system refer the live scans back to TADC automatically?

A - This is what we are trying to cater for with the edit functionality in TADC planned. We understand that student numbers and module codes are not confirmed until into start of teaching. The work is planned for this.

Q - If we rollover our lists to draft, will this impact our rollover in TADC?

A - Rollover in TADC only looks to see if the rollover copy list exists, not the status of the list.  If you rollover your reading lists to draft, then rollover in TADC, the digitisation requests will automatically link to the new reading list.

Q - For TADC rollovers can we edit and pre-clear all items?

A - Yes you can, do it in batches of 200 requests per queue.

Q - If we are keeping all Learning Management System/VLE content (including reading lists) available for the duration of a student's course (starting from the last academic year), are we able to keep digitisations linked to lists when lists from this year get rolled over?

A - At the moment they will expire from the original date of the list, however the student will continue to have access if they have downloaded or printed the item or follow the link to the latest version of the list.

Q - When we look at the Pre-Clearance Status results we see requests which are rejected and withdrawn from last year, how do we ensure these are cleared so we can start rollover fresh? 

You can only rollover digitisation requests that are Live or Expired, this means any requests that are rejected, withdrawn or referred are not available for rollover.

When working through your Pre-Clearance Statuses, it may be useful to use the date or time period filters so you are only seeing the requests that have been generated this rollover.

Q - I've rolled over my reading list, but I am getting a date conflict when rolling over in TADC:
When rolling over in TADC, the new dates default to be one year from the existing dates. If you're seeing a date conflict it may mean that the digitisation you're rolling over from hasn't expired by the new start date you've inserted in the request.

For example, you have a live digitisation with the dates 31st July 2019 - 1st August 2020 and you want to roll this over to be live for a full calendar year 2020 (1 Jan 2020 - 31 Dec 2020).

You can rollover at anytime, even whilst the digitisation is still live, but you will need to amend the dates for your new digitisation so that it will go live once the existing digitisation expires (ie. the day after the original digitisation's end date).

For the previous example, the existing digitisation expires on the 1st August 2020, so when rolling over change the start date of the rollover request to be the 2nd August 2020 and end date of 31st December 2020.



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