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Below are the frequently asked questions regarding Talis Aspire Digitised Content rollover. If you wish to view the frequently asked questions regarding Talis Aspire Reading Lists rollover please click here.

Q - Does the rollover process check for recent editions?

A - In Digitised Content, the concierge runs the same checks as a new request so will check for the most recent edition as part of that check.

Q - If we manually copy a reading list rather than rollover from one Semester to another and rollover the scans in Digitised Content, will they link?

A - A manually copied list will not pick up digitised content requests, the rolled over items in digitised content will need to be manually linked to the items in reading list.

Q - If I use the “link to reading list” to manually link a digitisation to a reading list, will this link rollover?

A - So long as you rollover your Reading Lists then your Digitised Content the links will rollover.

Q - If not rolled over in Reading List can we bulk rollover in Digitised Content

A - It is strongly suggested that Reading List rollover happens first to maintain the links and avoid manual linking of items.

Q. If an item was originally referred and copyright was obtained or overridden will it refer again on rollover?

A - Yes it will refer for the same reason if it still applies.

Q - How can we bring down digitisations for a brief period between courses?

A - You can manage this with the time periods in reading list to allow a gap in between end and start dates. To stop list publishers overriding the time period dates in the request we recommended protecting the dates of the time period via the protect dates setting in the Digitised Content Admin (menu) > Settings > Policies (tab).

Q - Is there a limit to the number of items you can have in a queue, or a limit to the number of queues at any given time?

A - 225 items is the max you can have in any single queue

Q - How soon after Reading List rollover should you do Digitised Content rollover?

A - As soon as your Reading List Rollover has completed you can start the rollover in Digitised Content, but it can wait, the key is to complete before the scans are required, or the previous scan expires if students need access.

Q - Some Students will need access to digitisations during the summer in order to prepare for resit exams which take place in August. The digitisations for this will have expired at the end of our two semesters (in December and May). Have you any suggestions about the best way to handle this?

A - The student may have downloaded or printed the scan already, think about not having a summer gap in the scan by having time periods that roll straight into the next.

Q - If everything goes smoothly, how long should the whole rollover process take?

A - There is no average time we can suggest for Digitised Content.  Liken this to when a scan is requested for the first time, there maybe copyright rights to obtain, or a new edition to source. During the pre-clearing stage, a digitisation request processes through the concierge as quickly as a new request.

Q - To clarify the availability of scans at rollover - does the old scan e.g. 14/15 stay viewable on both lists until it expires at which point the new scan e.g. 15/16 will become viewable at its go live date on the new list?

A - Exactly that, the old scan will be on both lists for a short while then when the original scan request expires and the new scan request becomes live it will only be available to view on the new list.

Q - If we rollover in June, what happens to digitisation on list which are tied to the calendar year?

A - Access to the live scan works on the live dates of the request, it is suggested for ease that you protect the dates so that at the point of request the Reading List time periods are used, if the scan is live it will be visible, see answer above.

Q - Do you have to roll over everything, or can you just roll over all your live / successful requests to avoid re-doing those which failed?

A - You can only rollover live or expired request any requests that were referred or rejected are not included, and you can deal with the referrals from these, maybe due to edition changes, in the same way you do a fresh request.

Q - Can we run reports for lists with live scans attached, lists with pending scans and lists with rejected scans?

A - No we don’t have this level of data integration. You can raise this as an idea on the ideas forum - please remember to give detail on how this will be useful to the process.

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