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These are the tasks required to perform a rollover in Talis Aspire Digitised Content. It should be noted that you will likely want to schedule internal discussions to plan for your rollover. Responsibility for each task is indicated.  

Should you wish Talis to provide some additional support or consultancy around planning for your rollover, please get in touch.

Steps to success

  1. If you have Talis Aspire Reading Lists it is important that you liaise with the team that manages this. The reading list rollover needs to happen before the digitised content rollover.
  2. Decide how you wish to queue your rollovers, this can be by course code, dates, time periods or requester.
  3. A queue can be no more than 225 requests, so if you have a large time period to rollover you may need to split the job into smaller queues.
  4. Once queued, you have the choice to:
    • Pre-clear - You can only edit the dates using this option
    • Edit and Pre-clear - You can change the dates, course codes, course names and requester details for requests using this step but multi-selection of requests
  5. Pre-clearing the requests sends the requests back through the concierge and this will result in the following outcomes:
    • Successful
    • Referred
    • Rejected
  6. Successful requests can be rolled over so they are live and available to the students from the start date of the request.
  7. Referred requests will need to be worked through case by case in order to determine if they can be overridden or rejected.
  8. Rejected requests can also be worked through or removed from the queue if they can't be overridden.
  9. Talis Aspire Digitised Content rollover jobs are a background job so a queued rollover request may not process as quickly as a new request, but you can start to prepare another queue whilst one is processing.

Want more detail on the processes and decisions to be made please view this webinar

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