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The Dashboard 2.0 feature (currently in BETA) is available from all published reading lists in Talis Aspire Reading Lists.  

Dashboard helps your academics to make informed decisions around their reading list content by displaying the following information:

  • usage analytics for each item.
  • the quality of the metadata and provides suggestions for improvement.
  • statistics on the student interactions - reading intentions and notes.

How to access the Dashboard

On lists where you are a List Owner or List Publisher, a Dashboard button will be available. 

Note: This button is visible on draft lists, however the list must be published before any data is collected.

What usage statistics are displayed in Dashboard

To get an overall picture on the usage of your list there are three general statistics available in Dashboard*:

  • Page Views: the number of times your list has been viewed.
  • Clicks: the total number of times people have clicked through to the item view of a resource from your list.  
  • Annotations: the number of student annotations/notes added to resources on the list.

For information related to specific resources on the list, you can also see:

  • Clicks: the number of times people have clicked through to the item view of a specific resource from your list.  This does not include usage statistics for when accessing a resource via the Online Resource button.
  • Notes and Reading intentions: the number of student notes and usage break down of each reading intention used on that item.

The Dashboard defaults to view All time activity statistics.  To change the date range for these statistics, simply click the All time activity button and select "Choose a date range".

*The Dashboard updates every 24 hours as the new data is processed and pushed through to the dashboard view.

How to use metadata improvements

On each item on your list there is a metadata rating.  This judges how complete the information is in the bookmark.  The ratings are:

  • Good metadata.
  • Metadata could be improved.
  • Poor metadata.

By clicking this rating you can see what is keeping it from achieving a "Good metadata" rating (eg. Author is required).  From this screen you can also jump to the edit view of the item and update the information as recommended.

Don't have access?

If you do not already have Dashboard 2.0 available in your tenancy, you can request this is switched on by raising a support ticket.

Top Tip

You can trial Dashboard 2.0 by adding "/dashboard.html" to the end of any published list as long as you have correct permissions already noted above.



When I add up the individual usage of each item on my list, the sum is less than the total views of my list... why is that?

This is because the total clicks figure includes clicks for items that were clicked during the selected date range, but have removed from your reading list.

Are clicks via the Online Resource button picked up in Dashboard statistics?

The Dashboard does not pick up click data for Online Resource button clicks from the List view as the interaction is currently only tracked for list item link clicks. 

When lists are accessed via LTI integrations within the Learning management system why do the list usage statistics not update in Dashboard?

The Dashboard does not pick up List View data when the list is accessed via an embedded LTI link as this is not within the application itself but in the Learning Management System. 
UPDATE Feb 2018 - We will resolve this in the new list view refresh development, so LTI links to the new list view will be recorded in the dashboard statistics going forward.
We understand the need to see the full usage data in order to make decisions on resources used and also the uptake and success of rollout to students. 
As you will be aware we are working on analytics for resources as part of our Talis Player improvements, providing real-time usage analytics for electronic resources this is an ongoing project and is currently being piloted.
We also plan to investigate better mechanisms for usage data at list level. This is currently planned for the near future.
Can I export the dashboard analytics?
Exports are not available from the Dashboard.  The Dashboard is designed as a tool to be used not just for analytics, but improving the reading list itself.
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