Understanding request queues

We are often asked about the difference in the data on requests on the Home screen, to the figures in the request queues.

Home screen queues:


This requests screen features a requests overview which summarises requests that match two criteria:

  1. If the request is currently Referred, Pending upload, or assigned to you.
  2. When the request is needed by (this defaults to show requests that are overdue). You are able to change this by selecting any of the options below the Requests overview heading:
  • Overdue
  • Needed within 7 days
  • Needed within 14 days
  • Needed within 30 days
  • Needed anytime

Referred requests from the home screen

When accessing Referred requests via the home screen tile, this runs a predefined search looking for requests that are currently referred but are not Copy Pending, and that have a "needed by" date matching the selection (eg. Overdue, needed within 7 days, etc.). This detail is present in the page URL which looks like this:


ou will note the &needed_by=-1 parameter in the URL, this is dependent on the selected value below the Requests overview heading. This setting defaults to the Overdue option on the home screen.

Pending upload requests from the home screen

Copy Pending is excluded from the Referred requests option mentioned abled as it has its own view from the home screen. This looks for referred requests that have the reason "Copy Pending", and fit with the needed by selection. The URL for this search looks like this:


Requests menu queue:


When you access the referred requests from the 'Requests' menu you will see all referred requests without any other filters applied.

The page URL looks like this as it searches for all referral reasons, including Copy Pending:




When viewing the Referred requests from the Requests menu the queue defaults to Due anytime.

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