Understanding request queues

We are often asked about the difference in the data on requests on the Home Screen, to the figures in the request queues

Home Screen:


When accessing Referred from the home screen and clicking view requests the page URL looks like this


So that means all referred except Copy Pending, that have a Needed by date in the past so - Overdue.

Copy pending is a reason something is referred

Copy Pending has it's own view from the home screen, and the URL looks like this


You will also note the &needed_by=-1 parameter in the URL, this is dependent on selected value above the Requests overview, it defaults to the Overdue option on the home screen. The options are:

  • Overdue
  • Needed within 7 days
  • Needed within 14 days
  • Needed within 30 days
  • Needed anytime

Requests menu:

However from the Requests menu> Referred requests

The page URL looks like this as it includes Copy Pending




In the Requests menu> Referred requests queue this is defaulted to Due anytime


The data will have different numbers unless you use the filters so that the data is looking at the same status, reason and needed by dates. 

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