Acquisitions and reviews notifications


There are several ways an academic can request a review for their reading list (see our Publish/Review workflow options support article for more details). The review process allows academics to indicate to the library that they have completed their list, and that the library may wish to check it for resource acquisition, stock management or metadata purposes. During this process, an email notification is sent when a review request is submitted by a list editor.

How do we configure this?

Option 1:

Allow users with a certain permission in their role/s to receive the request emails, to look at how to do this refer to what is a role and what is a permission. Note: The Library Acquisitions role has the permission to receive Review Request emails.

Option 2:

It is possible to choose who within your team you would like to receive these notifications. You can set this to go a central email so that individuals are not having their personal emails filled with review notifications or it is possible to have more than one address if you do want it to go to several places or individuals. If you would like this set up then please raise a support ticket detailing the email address/es you would like these to go to.

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