Time period rollover overview - Talis Aspire Reading Lists


These are the tasks required to perform a bulk time period rollover in Talis Aspire Reading Lists, some of these tasks may be repeated if there is more than one time period to address. It should be noted that you will likely want to schedule internal discussions before you begin rolling over. Responsibility for each task is indicated.

NOTE: Please also review to see if this option meets your university's needs better in giving increased flexibility - Targeted rollover - Bulk list action

Should you wish Talis to provide some additional support or consultancy around planning for your rollover, please get in touch.

Steps to success

  1. University: If you have Talis Aspire Digitised Content it is important that you liaise with the team that manages this. The reading list rollover needs to happen before the digitised content rollover.
  2. University: For each existing time period, define the date to perform the rollover. Find out more about time periods.
  3. University: For each existing time period, determine the new time period to roll to.
  4. University: Request to add new time periods via a new support ticket. Include the following detail:
    Time Period Name (<start date> to <end date>) dates formatted as YYYY-MM-DD
  5. University: Advise the Talis Support team of the date(s) you plan to carryout rollover.
  6. Talis: Add the new time periods to the tenancy and confirm to University.
  7. University: Determine if the lists should rollover as draft or published with the increased flexibility provided by Bulk Publish and Bulk Archive you may make different choices about your rollover copies and older lists - Bulk list actions
  8. University: On scheduled day - rollover your reading lists for the selected time period. You can do this by visiting Admin - Request Time Period Rollover. You can then choose your source time period and target time period. You can also select whether you want the new lists to rollover into draft or published. You can also select old lists to be archived and detached from the hierarchy. The actual rollover runs in the background and can take up to 48 hours. This can be monitored from the 'review jobs' screen.

If you want more detail on the processes and decisions you need to make please view this webinar.

This is a short video showing the process:

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