How does Talis Aspire Digitised Content (TADC) treat my PDFs?

When a PDF is uploaded into a digitisation request, TADC performs the following:

  1. Generates a single page coversheet with the necessary information from the request. Note: A new coversheet is generated for each request.
  2. Begins the packing process to create a 'bundle'.  This combines the TADC generated single page coversheet with the originally uploaded PDF into a new PDF. From this we generate an image of every page in the 'bundle' - this is what is served to the user when they are viewing a bundle in the application.

When is the coversheet updated?

Once you have updated information within a 'Live' digitisation request the bundle will be repacked with an updated coversheet reflecting the changes you have made to the request.  This will be documented in the request's worklog.

Can I edit the coversheet?

No, the copyright text contained in the coversheet generated by TADC cannot be edited.

When is a coversheet not automatically applied?

Coversheets are created in TADC to display the approved copyright statement associated with your copyright ruleset.  A coversheet is not automatically created and attached to a bundle when the rights clearance for the digitisation has been manually obtained.  In these cases a coversheet can be manually uploaded to the digitisation request.

What does this mean for accessibility?

When viewing a bundle Onscreen:

Bundles are presented on screen within the viewer. Currently, the viewer does not provide any hidden text for screen readers.

Downloading the bundle:

If the original PDF had been created for accessibility purposes, then this would continue to be the case when the user downloads the bundle and opens in a PDF player that included screen reading capabilities e.g. the PDF reader in Adobe or the OSX PDF player with VoiceOver enabled.

The coversheet has no accessible information purposefully built into it, however, some testing we have done against Adobe Reader and OSX Preview player indicates that some screen readers will be able to read the coversheet.

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