Maintaining your Talis Aspire Reading Lists

As with all systems, there are some elements that need to be maintained in order to keep your information and support resources up-to-date.  Below is a list of tasks to consider (Note: these are not required tasks).

Annual tasks to consider are:

Other regular tasks to consider are:

  • Book metadata refresh
  • Review and update your support material
    • Ensure your screenshots are up to date
    • Check that links still work
    • Ensure all processes are documented
  • Review your academic engagement success, as well as your future strategies
  • Offer refresher training for your users (both library and academic staff)
  • Review your business processes
    • Make sure you are documenting your decisions and the reasons behind them so that it is easier to review in future.

The Talis Services and Consulting Team can also support you through your Business Process Review - for more information please raise a support ticket.

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