Using Reviews 2.0


This article is a guide on how to use Review 2.0 in your tenancy.


The Reviews refresh aims to improve your reading list reviews process by identifying lists and items that have changes which require attention, and providing all of the available information you need to help make your acquisitions and collection management decisions.

All Reviews 2.0

The new version of the All reviews page features an improved user interface as well as a few other improvements:

1. Multi-select capabilities - It is now possible to perform an action on one or more lists. The relevant actions buttons will be enabled based on the review status of the selected list(s).

2. Alerts - A new Alerts column provides a quick snapshot for the list. For more, see our alerts in Reviews 2.0 support article.

First time use of Reviews 2.0 - only if using the old and new interface side by side.

On the original Reviews home screen, follow these three steps:

  1. Identify the list you want to open in Reviews 2.0.
  2. Under 'Actions' drop down, select "Start review 2.0 beta". This will then push all the data through to Reviews 2.0.
  3. Click on the title of the list to view in Reviews 2.0.

Lists that have already been pushed through to Reviews 2.0 can also be accessed from  From here select your University, then sign in to see all of the reviews in Reviews 2.0.

Single list Review 2.0

The single list review screen has had the most significant user interface and functionality improvements.

  1. List header - contains information about the list and the review, typically found at the top of the old reviews area.
  2. Filters - the filters remain the same but there is an additional filter for “Alerts”. **PLEASE NOTE: if you are using a monitor that is 1280 x 1024 and have the zoom set at standard, 100% you may need to shrink it down to see all the filters on the top bar.**
  3. The left hand side contains the list items.  After selecting one, the item detail and review information is displayed on the right hand side of your screen. 
  4. Changes are highlighted in pink.
  5. Item metadata and review information are in the item detail panel on the right.
  6. The usual actions live at the top of the page.
  7. Outcomes and comments live at the bottom of the Item detail panel.
  • “Other instances of this item” - this is the default setting.  It displays outcomes and comments from all instances of this item on other lists (using the identifiers found on this item).
  • “This item” - displays the outcomes and comments made about this item on this list and will include historical comments made on previous reviews

New lists

It is worth pointing out a few things about what happens when a list is sent to Reviews 2.0 for the first time. The first time a list is sent to Reviews 2.0, some of the alerting capability will not be possible because we will not have historically saved the information the system uses to determine changes. It is only after the second time that a list goes through Reviews 2.0 that some of the changes and alerts will appear. 

In the All Reviews page, lists that have never been reviewed before will appear as “New". If they have been reviewed in Review 1.0 they will either be blank or show a number of alerts for later editions and newly added items only.


If you encounter any problems while using Reviews 2.0 please raise a support ticket and let us know:

  • That you are using Reviews 2.0.
  • What part of the system is causing a problem.
  • Which review is the problem occurring on.
  • Is it affecting all users or just one?
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