Roles and invites overview


If you are wanting to know how to start using roles and invites in Talis Aspire Reading Lists (TARL) then the following articles will help.

  • Devolved authentication - This article outlines the methods that we will use to authenticate your users for access to Talis Products.
  • What is a role and what is a permission? - This guide is designed to advise you on the default roles and permissions, and how to make changes to suit your university processes.
  • Using invites - This guide is designed to get you inviting users to use your Talis Aspire Reading List tenancy.
  • Revoke roles - This guide advises you how to revoke a role that has been accepted by a user on Talis Aspire Reading List.
  • Private v Public profiles - This guides highlights the difference between Private and Public profiles.

More advanced settings

Wanting to remove invites as a barrier to adoption so academics can just login and go, then these articles will help you in setting up devolved constraints.

  • A devolved constraints mini-guide - This guide is designed to give you an outline to a mini project for setting up devolved constraints or devolved entitlements. The guide starts by introducing some key terminology, then presents a list of steps that a mini project to set these up might require.
  • Implementing devolved constraints - This article goes into more depth about the implementation of devolved constraints or entitlements.
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