Managing list ownership


We are often asked how to keep on top of list ownership when you can't assign a list owner until an academic has created a profile. This mainly applies to universities where the a majority of the list creation is done within the library.

What can you do to start to manage list ownership

Once a list has been created we suggest that as part of the handover, the academic/lecturer is invited as a list publisher.

This is recorded in the Roles and Invites tab information, which you can export as a CSV (comma separated values) so that you can analysis this data further in a spreadsheet software such as MS Excel.

By exporting this on a weekly basis, looking at all the invites accepted that week you can then work through the list to add them as the list owner. The first time you complete this workflow it will be a big task, but if done on a weekly basis, it would become routine.

One of the other things this workflow shows you is invites not accepted.  You can use that data to start to re-engage with the academic or lecturer and then or provide support to get them up and running with their list.

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