Talis Aspire Reading Lists Release Notice - 22nd January 2015

We released a new version of Talis Aspire Reading Lists with the following improvements. Please raise any comments or questions against this article. Thank You.


  • HTTPS Bookmarking: It is now possible to bookmark from secure (HTTPS) sites. Prior to this improvement, the bookmark button was unable to bookmark from secure sites such as Youtube as it was coming from an insecure location (non-HTTPS). We have improved the bookmark button to work with HTTPS sites. This requires the installation of the upgraded version of the bookmarklet. This does not prevent the old bookmark button from working on non-HTTPS sites. However, the new bookmark button will need to be installed to get the upgrade that enables HTTPS bookmarking.
  • New Bookmark button installation tutorial: Because the new bookmark button would require a re-installation, we took the opportunity to simplify and improve the bookmark button installation tutorial as well.
  • Bookmark button installation prompt: We have also created a prompt to remind users to upgrade to the new bookmark button, this will be displayed when the system detects that they have used the old bookmark button, it will then guide the user through the installation tutorial to replace their bookmark button The prompt doesn't prevent them from completing their bookmarking process.






  • Enable diacritics on homepage message editing text area: we resolved an issue preventing the use of diacritics on the home page message
  • Update bookmark recogniser for Emerald Insight Journal online library: we resolved some reported issues with this recogniser due to changes in the Emerald site
  • Removing bookmarks: we also resolved a reported issue with removing bookmarks from the My Bookmarks area
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