British Library integration functional overview

This article explains what the Talis Aspire Digitised Content (TADC) integration with the British Library Document Supply Service (BLDSS) can do.


The Talis Aspire Digitised Content (TADC) integration with the British Library enables customers to bring into TADC the price checking, order management and order updates British Library workflow which currently exists outside of TADC.

What does it do?

The full integration brings the price and availability checking, order submission and status updates into TADC. The key areas of functionality provided are:

Library privilege ordering

If enabled, British Library orders could previously only be made on requests where the resource was not held by the library. It is now possible to place British Library orders where the resource is held by the institution, known as “Library privilege” ordering. If you would like Library privilege ordering enabled, please let us know so that we can enable it for your tenancy.

Price, availability check and place order

There are now two British Library order options available. These are:

  • Source from British Library - this option will provide the price and availability check and enable you to place an order.
  • Manual British Library Order - this option is equivalent to the manual option present prior to this integration. It should be used where orders have been placed outside of TADC - this may be because the integration is not enabled. Where the integration is enabled, it is there as a backup for scenarios where the British Library API is unavailable within TADC.

Where an order has been placed outside of TADC, it is now possible to link the order in TADC. This can be done by:

  • Including the order number when using the “Manual British Library Order” option.
  • Using the “Link to existing British Library Order” link which will appear on the request if the previous method was done without including the order number.
  • Including the order number from the “Other actions” menu.

Unlinking an order

You may wish to unlink an order if you’ve made an error when linking. If the order you placed needs to be resubmitted for whatever reason, you will need to unlink the existing order in order to place a new one. To unlink an order, select the option from the “Other actions” menu.

View order details

Once an order has been placed or linked, you can view the order details, latest status and order history by clicking on the British Library order number which appears on the request details. Clicking this will pull an update from the British Library.

New request status - “Awaiting fulfillment"

For orders placed via the API only, there is a new request status of “Awaiting fulfillment”. When the status of the British Library order changes to completed, this will change to “Copy Pending”, ready for an upload. This status can be used in the “All requests” view to filter to those requests that have outstanding orders with the British Library.

Known issue

Completing British Library orders:

When a British Library order is completed you will be notified via email to the delivery address specified in your British Library account settings. This notification will include a “Reference” which will be the TADC Request number from which the order originated.

Once you open your request in TADC, the status will still appear as “Awaiting Fulfillment” and you will need to open the order details modal where you will then see the latest status. Close this modal and refresh the page to update the request’s status to “Copy Pending” so that you can upload your digitisation.

This process is caused by a known issue with the BL API, which should be sending TADC the status updates so that TADC doesn’t have to go and get it (by opening the order details modal). We expect this to be resolved shortly, after which, your order status will automatically update once the British Library order is completed.

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