Raising your first digitisation request from your reading list

This article explains the process in order to make a digitisation request using Talis Aspire Reading List (TARL) and Talis Aspire Digitised Content (TADC).


This article takes you through the steps involved in creating your first Talis Aspire digitisation request, it does make two assumptions:

  1. That you have a Talis Aspire Reading List tenancy, and as an individual, you have the following permissions:
    • To create (or publish) a reading list
    • To request digitisation from your reading list
  2. That you have a Talis Aspire Digitised Content tenancy, and that you have been setup with access to this tenancy and can login.

If you are unsure if you have either of these two things set up, or know that you don’t, but would like them setup so that you can explore this process, then please raise a support ticket. NOTE: You aren’t able to carry out the steps below without both of the above points being in place.

Wearing your Academic Hat

  • Step 1 - Log into your Talis Aspire Reading List tenancy.
  • Step 2 - Install the bookmarking extension (if you don’t have it on the computer you are working on)
  • Step 3 - Bookmark items: Bookmark some items from your library catalogue (ensure these are items that can be digitised i.e. Books, Journal articles, etc.) see this article for more details on how to bookmark.
  • Step 4 - Create a list: Create a reading list of the items you have bookmarked.
  • Step 5 - Request a digitisation from your list: When you look at the actions menu on the item on your list that you are editing, you can now see “Request digitisation”.
    Click this, and complete the form as directed. For more information on raising a request see How to raise a digitisation request.

    NOTE: You must amend the “Start” and “End” dates for the digitisation to cover the current date; this ensures you can see the item when the digitisation request has been fulfilled. Submit your digitisation request. Please note however your University may have opted to protect the dates and use the time periods dates assigned to the list, in which case if they are greyed out you don’t need to worry about them. Your requirements for this can be discussed.

Wearing your Library Digitisation Team Hat

  • Step 6 - Log into your Talis Aspire Digitised Content tenancy.
  • Step 7 - Find the digitisation request: Once you have signed into Talis Aspire Digitised Content, in the top toolbar, you can click on “Requests”, and then “All Requests”. You will see the most recent requests at the top of the list.
  • Step 8 - Process the digitisation request: On the right hand side of the request click on the actions button, and then “View details”:
    Now this is ready for you to respond to the points on the screen and deal with the request.

    The worklog shows you step-by-step the process the request has been through. Once you have uploaded the pdf, the request will proceed to status of “Live Fulfilled”; when this has happens, you (as the academic) will get an email stating that the digitisation is live (assuming the period of time that you made the request for covers todays date).

Wearing your Academic Hat

  • Step 9 - View live request: Go back to your list in Talis Aspire Reading Lists (sign in, click “My Lists”, click the list's name, then click “Edit”); against the item, you will now see "View online".

Wearing your Student Hat

  • Step 10 - View the scan: On your reading list, click the "View" button then "As student". Now navigate to and click on the item that you digitised to see how the student will see the digitisation.

If at any point during this process you get a little confused, please just raise a support ticket and the team will organise a time to walk you through the process.

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