List Copy Actions - Report

This guide is designed to introduce you to the List Copy Actions report available in Talis Aspire Reading Lists.


The List Copy Actions report displays all instances where a list has been copied in your tenancy, when the copy was made, and by whom.

Access to these reports is managed via a permission, which can be added to any role you choose.  For more information on roles and permissions see What is a role and what is a permission?

If you already have this permission the report tab will show on your home screen when you are logged in.

Why use this report?

This report can be useful for identifying potential duplicate lists if you have had academics manually copying lists to a new time period prior to performing your rollover.

Report Filters

Copied List Title: allows a text search of the List Title using the controls “Contains”, “Exact”, “Starts with”, “Ends with”, “Is empty” and “Is not empty”

Copy Linked to Hierarchy: allows the report to be filtered by whether the copy is linked to the hierarchy node (Yes) or not (No)

Copy Linked To: allows a text search of the Hierarchy Node using the controls “Contains”, “Exact”, “Starts with”, “Ends with”, “Is empty” and “Is not empty”

From Date copied & To Date copied: allows the report to be filtered by the date the list was copied. The From and To filters can be used individually to specify lists copied after a given date or before a given date. Alternatively, both date filters can be used to specify a date range.

Copy Time Period & Original Time Period: allows the report to be filtered by the time period of the source list (From Original Time Period) and its copy (Copy Time Period).

Include Rollover Copies?: allows the report to be filtered by whether the copy was done by a rollover (Yes) or not (No)

What’s exported to CSV?

Export to CSV (comma separated values) pulls together the data from the report and exports it into a file that can be read by a number of software programmes. Once exported the data can be manipulated further through sorting, filtering, formulas and other queries. 

Columns included in the exported report are:

  • List Title
  • List Link
  • List owner
  • List owner link
  • Hierarchy code
  • Hierarchy code link
  • Time period
  • Copied to - This is the new list's title which may or may not be the same as the original list's title.
  • Copied to link
  • List owner
  • List owner link
  • Copied to hierarchy code
  • Copied to hierarchy code link
  • Time period
  • Date copied
  • Copied by
  • Copied by link
  • Rollover copy - Will always be a Yes or No

How up to date are the reports?

The reports contain real-time data, as soon as you make a change the reports reflect the data.


Are you regularly running the same report and have to set the filter(s) each time?

Within your web browser, bookmark or save to favourites the report screen with the filters set.  You can then access via the bookmarked or favourite link then log in, to view the report with the filters retained. If you're using different date ranges each time these will still have to be set manually.

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