Integration overview

An introduction to integrations with Talis Aspire Reading Lists


Talis Aspire Reading Lists can integrate with a number of other systems within your organisation. This diagram gives a conceptual overview of the main integrations.



Take a look at the following articles for more information on each of these integrations.

  • Talis uses your university's IDentity Provider (IDP) to authenticate. For information on Authentication see A Devolved Constraints Mini Guide
  • Talis Aspire can integrate with Blackboard, Canvas, Desire2Learn, Moodle, and other Learning Management Systems (aka Virtual Learning Environments or VLEs). For information on integrating Talis Aspire with Learning Management Systems see Learning Management Systems Integrations
  • For information on data we need from Systems Registry (or other suitable source) see Bulk Hierarchy Upload
  • Talis Aspire integrates with your library catalogue to pull through curated metadata, surface local holdings information, and more. For details on how we integrate with library catalogues see Integration with Library Catalogues
  • For information on our IP addresses which you might need to allow access to please see IP Addresses and Talis Products

We also have a number of APIs which can be used to fulfil specific tasks.

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