What are the supported browser versions?

We officially support current and last versions of Internet Explorer (IE), Firefox, Chrome and Safari. We will however try our best to support outside these browser versions, this is dependent on the technology we are using as it is not always possible to support older versions.

How to check your browser version

The most common place to find this information is from a screen within your browser titled 'About'. You can usually access this from within your web browser main menu or by clicking the name of the browser in the top menu bar.  This screen will also inform you if you are on the lasted version and to check for updates.

What are the latest versions?

You can check this on external sites such as browse happy.

What browsers are not supported?

At the moment Microsoft Edge is not support by Talis, however we have a support article which may help when installing the bookmarklet on Microsoft Edge.

Top Tip

When raising a support ticket it is always useful to know the browser and version you are experiencing the issue in.

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