Take your data with you

If you ever decide to leave us (which we are sure you won’t), then we will work with you to get the data you need into your new system.

Standard export

For each Talis module these are standard data exports:

  • Talis Aspire Reading Lists — A standard export of one file for each published list in the current academic year, delivered as either CSV or JSON formats.
  • Talis Aspire Digitised Content — A standard export of all requests that have ever been created as a CSV or JSON file, along with the PDF associated with each request.

Both Talis Aspire Reading Lists and Talis Aspire Digitised Content have standard reporting features which can be used to export reports as CSV files - these can then saved for posterity.

As part of working closely with you to help identify your data needs, we’ll put in place a project plan to fit in with your other project timescales. We would provide a standard test export of 5% up to a max of 500 records, followed by a standard final export.

Non-standard export

Other new-vendor system formats or mappings to new fields may be available but we would want to discuss this with you prior to any export. We reserve the right to charge for additional effort over and above our standard export, and in all cases we will give you clear proposals and estimates to help you in your planning.

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