Tenancy Setup Questionnaire (TSQ)

This guide is designed to help you fill out your Tenancy Setup Questionnaire (TSQ).


The first step in a Talis Aspire project is to configure your tenancy installation using information that you provide in your TSQ. The information is used to integrate into your OPAC, book store and resolver, configure the bookmarking facility, set up authentication as well as define various administrative parameters.


Please download the spreadsheet attached at the end of this article. If a long period of time has passed between downloading this sheet and completing it, we recommend downloading the spreadsheet again to ensure you have the most up-to-date copy.

The spreadsheet contains five worksheets:

  1. People
  2. Tenancy name and authentication
  3. Library system integrations
  4. Link resolver and proxy application
  5. Other configuration and settings

Please populate the ‘Customer response’ column and see the help information and example responses provided for each field before responding.


If while you are completing the Talis Aspire Setup Questionnaire you have any questions or queries, please email Laura Unwin.

TSQ file for download

The current version of the TSQ can be downloaded below:

Files in this article

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