What happens when I place my Talis Aspire order?

This guide is designed to introduce you to your Talis Aspire implementation project.


The first step in your journey with Talis Aspire is placing your order. Once we have this the following items will start:

Tenancy Set-up Questionnaire

(We will refer to the Tenancy Set up Questionnaire as the TSQ.)

Your tenancy is your instance of Talis, and will be configured during your project.

This document may seem quite daunting, but hopefully you will be able to identify the key people that you need to contact to fill in the information required. We recommend reviewing the Tenancy Set up Questionnaire and ensuring you know where to “go”, or whom to approach, to get the information that will be requested. You may also wish to begin discussing internally some of the optional configurations for your Talis tenancy, or at least preparing a framework for those discussions (e.g. determining whose input will be required). For example:

  • Will you use the Campus Bookstore or Amazon?
  • What categories will you define for ‘importance’ (e.g. core, essential)?
  • What time periods and list licencing do you wish to use?
  • What are your acquisition “outcomes”?

More information on the TSQ and answers to some of these questions.

Project kick off call

A member of the Services Team will contact you to arrange your project kick off call. We advise you set aside 2 hours for this call, and that you have all your project team attend so all those that will be involved in the setup and rollout for your University.

This call will discuss:

  • Project outline
  • Key dates
  • Support tools
  • Considerations
  • Questions

The call is run using our webinar software - help can be found here.


Before the project kick off call or shortly afterwards we will set you up in Basecamp, this is our project software where we will be able to keep track of the project progress. Basecamp has 5 key areas and each will be need to be completed before sign off.

  1. Tenancy set up and configuration - The tenancy has been configured to the customers requirements, as expressed in the Tenancy Set up Questionnaire.
  2. Authentication - Users can login using their preferred devolved authentication method, and a ‘seed user’ has been created with the appropriate roles assigned to be able to invite other users and grant roles.
  3. Hierarchy Conversion - The hierarchy data provided has been converted and accurately represented within Talis
  4. Design - The tenancy design (i.e. look and feel) has been applied to the customer’s tenancy to the agreed specification.
  5. Talis Aspire Digitised Content (TADC) Implementation (if taking both)

Sign off

Once all of the above has been completed and you are happy with your tenancy we will complete the final sign off and transition you into our normal support streams. As part of this we will set a date for our first regular call.

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