Bookmarking from a range of sources

This guide advises you how to start bookmarking using Talis Aspire Reading List (TARL) bookmarking extension.


It is anticipated that you will already have installed your extension. If you have not installed this yet, please refer to knowledge article Bookmarking from your web browser.

You are now ready to gather your items/resources for a current or future reading list, you can bookmark from anywhere on the web at any time. 

Once on an individual item view or webpage you wish to bookmark, simply click the Talis Aspire Reading Lists bookmarking extension in your browser. The resulting data will be opened in TARL where you have the option to simply click Create for later use on a reading list or to Create & add to List straight away.

Best Practice

Where possible, bookmark from an individual item view

The bookmarking extension is more likely to capture the individual metadata from an item view rather than a search view showing many results. An item view is usually accessed by clicking the title, open or show for the resource you wish to bookmark. The exception to this is in Summon where you are able to bookmark from the search results by the way of a Bookmark to reading list link, once you have clicked the extension.

How does bookmarking work?

We create a recogniser which based on url recognition at the point of clicking the extension applies specific rules which identify and record the metadata on the screen. For a full list of our Bookmarking recognisers please refer to this article: Where can I bookmark from?

  • For book items bookmarked in your catalogue or discovery system TARL will use the id to search for the record in the catalogue and pull the data from the catalogue record into the bookmark.
  • If you bookmark a book from another source and TARL locates the ISBN, it then searches for this ISBN in your catalogue.  If a match is found in your catalogue TARL will pull the data from the catalogue record into the bookmark instead of using the scraped information from the website.
  • If an article has a DOI we will refer to Crossref to pull in full article and journal metadata for the item.
  • Where no identifier is found or matched we will use the information we have on the screen to create the metadata for the item.
  • For legal resources (eg. Westlaw and LexisLibrary), please see Working with legal resources.


Can I bookmark a PDF?

Your results may vary if you attempt to bookmark from a PDF. Some PDF's do not allow us to automatically load our bookmarklet script. In many cases this means that clicking the extension will have no affect. Some browsers show the PDF file in a ‘fake’ webpage which means that the extension may work for these - but it will not be able to extract any information from the PDF, as there is often little to no metadata available.

You can manually bookmark a PDF by creating a new bookmark from within Talis Reading Lists, My Bookmarks and adding the link to the PDF in the web address field.

All I get is webpage when I’m bookmarking a book or article, why is this the case?

This will be because either a bookmarking recogniser has not been created or the recogniser is no longer working on that website/catalogue page. From time to time existing bookmarking recogniser rules break as the website/catalogue page you are bookmarking from has changed in some way, so the data we are trying to extract maybe in a new location or labelled differently on the website/catalogue page.

In either instance, please log this with your University Reading List team via the Feedback button on the reading list tenancy, please provide the url of the website/catalogue page that is not bookmarking as you expect by copying and pasting from your browser bar. The reading list team will then report that through to Talis to investigate and where possible create or amend the recogniser for the website/catalogue page, so that next time it is bookmarked the metadata will be complete.

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