Completing your Copyright Agency Limited (CAL) audit in Australia

This guide advises you how to get access to your full Copyright Agency Limited (CAL) report. PLEASE NOTE: This only applies to those reporting through CAL in Australia.


Once CAL provides you with dates of your next reporting period, you will need to action the following:

  1. Raise a support ticket telling us the date that your CAL reports are due to start and complete.
  2. Talis will then enable the full CAL report export functionality so that you can complete the process.
  3. Once complete Talis will turn off the report.

If you have any questions around this then please do raise a support ticket.

Frequently asked questions:

Q. What is the difference between the full report and the CAL census report now available in my tenancy?

A. The CAL census report that is always available from your tenancy is part of the report that you will send to CAL.

The incidental artwork report is the extra feature that needs to be turned on to create a complete report.

Q. Why is this report only made available on request?

A. The incidental artwork report goes through all the requests in your tenancy for the selected time period and pulls together all those that have been flagged to include incidental artworks.  As this report needs to check all the requests in your tenancy, it can slow down your system - this is why we only make it available just prior and during your reporting period.

Q. How do I get to the report once it's been enabled?

A. Once we have made the report available in your tenancy, you'll be able to download this report from your CAL census report area.  Simply click the "Download" button and select the Incidental Artwork report for CSV or Excel.

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