Set up and manage users in Talis Aspire Digitised Content

As a system admin of Talis Aspire Digitised Content (TADC) you are responsible for setup and managing who can access your TADC tenancy.

Setting up users is a two part process

Part 1 - Talis Aspire Digitised Content

This grants your staff access to review and process TADC requests:

  1. Send them a link to your tenancy, for example<universityshortcode> (or<universityshortcode> for Canadian institutions), and ask that they fill in their first name, surname and email address, and then mail you back to confirm that they have done this.  Note: All System Admin will receive notification that a user is requesting access to your TADC tenancy, so if you are away when your staff requests access other System admin can approve their request.
  2. You login to TADC and click on ‘Admin’ (top bar), and then select ‘Users’ from the drop down menu.
  3. Find the user you want to activate, then on the right hand side click ‘Actions’, at this point click on ‘Activate user’. If you want to make them an admin user as well, click on ‘Actions’ again, and then click on ‘Make admin’.
  4. Make a note of the email address they have used to create their TADC account - listed on the users page.

From the TADC Users screen you can complete the following actions:

  • Activate new users (as outlined above)
  • View all users of the concierge interface, including their profiles
  • Resend email verification messages for new users
  • Give and revoke system administration rights
  • Deactivate users entirely, preventing them from logging into the concierge interface

TADC user vs Admin

Permission User Admin
Edit requests that are referred, rejected or copy pending yes yes
Override the concierge yes yes
Upload a pdf yes  yes
View usage statistics yes yes
View reports yes yes
Carry out rollover yes yes
Enable new users   yes
Add stages   yes
Edit the dictionary   yes


Part 2 - Talis Aspire Reading Lists

This grants your staff permission to request digitisations in TARL.

Note: at the moment the role that enables you to see ‘Request Digitisation’ in TARL is set up person-by-person (so only chosen people can request digitisations) as described below. When you are ready to turn on for all academics you can raise a support ticket and Talis will make the required configuration changes.

  1. Login into Talis Aspire Reading Lists as an ‘Admin’ user. If you don’t have this access, you will need to get this level of access (or ask someone with this access).
  2. To enable the ‘Request Digitisation’ option when editing lists, go to ‘Admin’ and click on ‘Roles and Invites’.
  3. Click on ‘Invites’.
  4. On the line of ‘Copyright Clearance Pilot’, click ‘Send invites’ - enter the email address as used by the user when they registered in Talis Aspire Digitised Content (as noted in Part 1 step 4).
  5. If the person doesn’t already have the role of ‘List Creator’, you will need to ‘Send invites’ for this role as well.
  6. The person will be emailed with the role details and instructions for how to activate their invite.

Other ways to access your TADC tenancy

It is possible for users to try and access your TADC tenancy from the homepage. They see the login and then select your institution. This triggers an email to you to say someone is requesting access, you only want to allow those users that need access to the back end, so library and copyright management staff.

If you do receive these requests from your academics, we encourage you to email them directly with instructions on how to raise a request through TARL.  You will also need to reject the user request in TADC.

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    Permanently deleted user

    The 'Upload a pdf' permission is blank for both of these roles - is this correct?

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    Rebecca Carruthers

    Thanks Matt, thanks for pointing that out. We have now updated the article to show that TADC both users and admin have the 'upload a pdf' permission.

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