Revoke roles

This guide advises you how to revoke a role that has been accepted by a user on Talis Aspire Reading List.


It is anticipated that you will already have a working knowledge of roles and permissions and Using Invites.

A university user’s job or responsibilities may change and likewise the role they need on Talis Aspire Reading Lists may need to be removed. We refer to this as revoking a role.

An example might be a member of staff in the acquisitions team moving to an academic liaison librarian role. In this instance, you may wish to revoke the Library Acquisition role and instead invite them to be a tenancy wide List Publisher.

There may also be times when staff have left your university and you want to update the profiles in your tenancy

Revoking a Role

  1. Access the All User Profile Report: This is in the Reports menu accessible from the main navigation when logged in.
  2. Search for the user by name: Adding the name to the Name search box and then click Filter results.
  3. Go to the users profile: Click on the user's name to access their profile.
  4. Access roles: Select the Roles for user tab.
  5. Revoke role: For the role you need to revoke, click the Revoke button.
  6. Invite to a new role: If the user does not already hold the other role/s they need, they will need to be sent an invite to their new role in Talis Aspire Reading Lists.


Q - Can I revoke a role that is not yet accepted?

A - No. Currently you can only revoke accepted roles, you cannot revoke an invite. Please check our ideas forum to raise or vote on ideas around this.

Q - Can I revoke just one list publisher role which is scoped to a particular list?

A - No. Currently if the user holds more than one List Publisher role for numerous lists, the revoke function is role based only. Revoking the role removes the role entirely for all lists and tenancy wide, not just for an individual list. We do have this listed as a candidate for continuous improvement.

Q - Can I delete a user from Talis Aspire Reading Lists?

A - No. Currently there is no ability to delete a user all together from Talis Aspire. Instead you simply revoke the existing roles for the user. If the user has left the institution and you would like them removed entirely, raise a support ticket and we can work with you to get these profiles anonymised.

QI have a user with 2 different email addresses linked to profiles - can we delete one?

The preferred option for profiles is to merge two profiles into one as deleting a profile for an active user, even one that is no longer used, will result in losing bookmarks and access to lists will have to be re-established. Instead we ask that you provide your staff members SAML attributes on a support ticket.

Details on how to obtain SAML attributes are in this support article.

Q: I have revoked their roles, but can they still get access to our Reading List tenancy?

As your reading list tenancy is integrated to your universities authentication system, when a staff member leaves and has their email address removed, they will not be able to authenticate into your Reading List tenancy.

Q: What if a staff member requests their profile to be removed under the EU General Data Protection Rules (GDPR)?

Under GDPR, an individual has the right to request information to be removed. If an individual who has left your university makes this request please do contact Talis via a support ticket and we can ensure this is actioned.

Q: If a user has a role revoked, do they receive an email notification?

No communication is sent to the user.

If you have a question that is not covered here please raise a support ticket.

You can read more on what Talis does to support GDPR on our GDPR microsite here.

For further information on user profiles, see the support article: Your user profile in Talis Aspire Reading Lists. 



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