How to join a Talis webinar

Talis uses webinars as part of your initial implementation and ongoing training.


We use the webinar software GoToMeeting to run our webinars. This allows us to share our screens with you so that you can see presentations and demos of software.


All you need to join a webinar is:

  • a PC with internet access
  • a headset or be able to use your computer's inbuilt microphone (if you don’t have a headset/microphone you can dial in using your landline and view the presentation on a PC).
  • install software as prompted

Joining the webinar

You will be emailed information on how to join the webinar - to join the webinar, click on the link from that email and follow the instructions on screen.

Webinar itself

Once on the webinar you will be able to hear the presenter and see their screen. If it is an implementation webinar then all microphones will be enabled, however if you are on a large group training webinar you will probably be on mute until question time.

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