Adding the bookmarklet to your toolbar

This guide is designed to help you add the Reading List Bookmarklet so that you can bookmark resources to use in your Talis Aspire Reading List (TARL) tenancy.

How does the bookmarklet tool work?

Talis Aspire uses a tool called a “bookmarklet” to allow you to capture resources that you wish to bookmark for future use in your reading lists.

How do I install the bookmarklet?

The bookmarklet is installed using the bookmarklet installation tutorial in Talis and adding it to your web-browser toolbar and allows you to easily bookmark an item.

  1. Go to My Bookmarks in your tenancy
  2. Click on Install Bookmarklet
  3. Follow the instructions in the tutorial popup

What browsers are supported?

The bookmarklet is currently supported by Chrome, Firefox, IE and Safari, and each have a slightly different set of instructions.

Can I install the bookmarklet on a tablet device?

The bookmarklet is not officially supported for adding to tablet browsers due to the complexity and differences that every tablet has. The bookmarklet has not been designed for mobile devices.

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