Set and edit homepage message

Add a message to your homepage to alert users of information about Talis Aspire Reading Lists e.g. Downtime warning, Important dates (eg. rollover), key support resources, etc.

Who can add a homepage message

A homepage message can only be set by users with the "Homepage message" permission assigned to one of their roles. See the default permissions for roles.

How to set a homepage message

To set a homepage message, open the "Admin" menu and select "Homepage message".

You then have the following options:

Select highlighting/background - this changes the highlight colour for the message eg. Red highlighting for critical messages or Yellow for warnings.

Select who the message will be visible to:

  • only logged-in users
  • all users (ie. everyone)

Enter an appropriate message - You can use some basic HTML code to add links, bold text, and heading levels to the message.

  • links = <a href="">Visit Talis</a>
  • Bold text = <b>this text will be bold</b>
  • heading level = <h2>Heading<h2>
When you click "Update message", the message will be visible on the homepage.  To see an example message, head over to

How to edit or clear the homepage message

To edit or clear the homepage message:
  1. Open the "Admin" menu and return to the "Homepage message" page.  
  2. Update or remove any highlighting,
  3. Update or clear the message text,
  4. Click "Update message".

If you have any questions please do raise a support ticket.

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