Assigning a list owner

The basic premise behind a list owner is that lists should be linked to the academic delivering the course or module, and that students should be able to search by the academic's name from the home page.  This is especially helpful they cannot recall the unit or module code or name.

How to assign a list owner

A list owner may be assigned to any academic that has created a profile in Talis Aspire Reading Lists (TARL). There are two ways to assign a list owner.

  • When editing a list with no owner, you will be asked to "Assign a list owner". You can choose from the following three options:
  • "I am list owner" - assign yourself as the owner.
  • "Search for list owner" - assign another user as the owner.
  • "Decide later" - does not an assign an owner right now, stops the dialog window from displaying every time you edit the list, but leaves the option open to do so later.
  • When the "Assign list owner" link is clicked, the "Search for list owner" popup appears. This allows you to search for a user with a profile in TARL.  If you can't find the academic, it may be that they haven't created a profile yet in TARL.

When you select a new list owner, you can then select to just assign them the ownership of the list OR you can "Assign with Publisher role".  This means they will have the List Publisher role scoped to that list only. 

What happens when you assign a list owner

After you have assigned a list owner, that person will receive a notification to inform them they are the list owner for that list. If you assign yourself as list owner, no notification will be sent. The list owner will appear on the list.


List owner and My Lists

When assigning a list owner, the list will always be added to the assignee's My Lists collection unless:
(a) The person being assigned is already the owner of the list
(b) The person being assigned has previously removed that list from their My Lists collection

If you are manually copying a list on behalf of another person, in order for the list to get added to their My Lists, you'd need to complete the following steps:

  1. Fully un-assign and then re-assign the list
  2. Ensure the user you're assigning the list ownership to hasn't previously had and removed the list from their My Lists collection. 
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    Annette Moore

    Hi Keji


    Planning rollover and wondered whether 'Assign List Owner' carries any permissions with it or is it just an association for searching as above. Although you can assign list owner in draft mode, I can't see that you can send 'List Publisher Invites' from draft.  We are thinking about the pros and cons of rolling lists over to draft or published.


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    Hi Annette,

    I hope I answered your question about this via the mailing list. Your hierarchy associations, list owners and permissions go along with the rolled over lists. 



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    ! RLO - Resource Lists Online

    Can people take over ownership of lists from others?  If so - how?  Angie

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    ! RLO - Resource Lists Online

    Administrators have the rights to remove or reassign the list owner from the edit drop down menu in the list. Angie

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