Talis Aspire Development Focus

The development focus details which functional areas the Talis Aspire development team are currently focusing on. We will always communicate what is definitive, scoped and understood. This means we will communicate things that we are working on, upcoming changes that will affect you as well as areas of investigation that may need your input to resolve the unknowns by undertaking research, to help us understand a problem, gather requirements as well as feedback cycles during implementation and BETA or pilot programs before general release. The development focus is constantly evolving as we proceed through work and look further in our planning and as such will be periodically updated. 

The development focus is always framed in the following terms:

CURRENT: what we are currently working on and is in development

NEXT: the next set of scheduled themes we will be working on

FUTURE: areas we are investigating for potential development. The outcomes of investigations may or may not feed into the later developments.

Talis Aspire Development Focus

Find out more

For information about specific themes or the development focus, please get in touch with the Talis Aspire team or customer services.

Keeping up to date

Whilst the development focus will be periodically updated, we will keep you updated as part of our monthly product update newsletter.

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