Engaging with the Talis community

This article provides an overview of Talis community places, and how new customers can find and engage within them.

Talis Support


What: The support pages serve two primary purposes

  1. customers can register to raise/track tickets for issues and queries
  2. customers can browse the knowledge base to discover articles, FAQs, videos and other community content covering a range of Talis subjects.

NOTE: To more effectively manage your support issues locally, we recommend appointing 1 or 2 key contacts to register for support accounts. This is because, although we are happy for anyone to raise a ticket if they have an issue, we have found having several primary contacts ensures the institution maintains a current overview of their support situation.

Talis Ideas

Where: https://technologyfromsage02.ideas.aha.io/

What: Talis Ideas is the place where any user of Talis Aspire can raise a suggestion for an enhancement to Talis Aspire. Registered users can vote on any idea they raise or is raised by the wider community, as well as provide their own comments. To make the most of Talis Ideas please also view our introductory article.


Where: https://www.jiscmail.ac.uk/cgi-bin/webadmin?A0=LIS-TALIS-ASPIRE 

What: LIS-Talis-Aspire is our main discussion forum, and is publicly open for anyone to register for.

Talis Insight

Where: http://talis.com

What: Talis Insight runs in both APAC and Europe, bringing together library and learning technology professionals in Higher Education, to explore and discuss the impact of technology on teaching and learning. This is also a great opportunity to meet with colleagues to share good practice and ideas.


Where: https://twitter.com/talis and @talis

What: Our Twitter channel is a great way to not only follow Talis announcements but also find other Talis Aspire tweeters out in the big wide world.



What: A place where customers and end-users get the opportunity to like us - we know you do, but why not tell us here :)


Where: https://talis.com/blog/ and http://engineering.talis.com/

What: The blogs are a great way of hearing what we are up to and often feature guest blogs from you our customers.

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