Add the bookmarklet to the user's browser on managed builds


The best way to gather resources for building lists in Talis Aspire Reading List is to use the bookmarklet. Academics will need to 'install' this bookmarklet to their browser(s). The process for this is simple - the bookmarklet is simply a URL that needs to be added to the user's favourites - but there are still scenario's where this can present difficulties, causing low-level academic frustration and a support overhead to the library.


If your institution operates a managed desktop, then including the bookmarklet URL within the standard browser build can reduce the potential for any pain that a manual bookmarklet install could bring to some users.

The bookmarklet is just a simple link that injects javascript into the currently viewed page. Therefore, to include this in the browser managed build, it can be created the same as any other browser link, with the URL field set to:

javascript:(function(){var hasJQuery = 'no';var jQueryVer = '';if (typeof jQuery != 'undefined'){hasJQuery = 'yes';jQueryVer = jQuery.fn.jquery;} var el=document.createElement('script');el.setAttribute('src','<tenancy_shortcode>/parser?bookmarkButtonVersion=1&uri='+encodeURIComponent(encodeURI(window.location.href))+'&bookmarkVersion=1&title='+encodeURIComponent(document.title)+'&hasJquery='+hasJQuery+'&jQueryVer='+jQueryVer);document.body.appendChild(el);})()

The "tenancy short code" is obviously replaced with the shortcode for your tenancy, if you are not sure what this is please raise a support request so we can advise you.

We would recommend including this in the browser toolbar if possible, for easy access. You may also wish to rename this link.

Final thoughts

This strategy does provide a more integrated and seamless experience for a majority of users. However, if you are considering taking this strategy, be conscious that some academics will be bookmarking from their own PC's or laptops, so a requirement will always exist for academics to be able to add this themselves.

Note: Unfortunately, Talis cannot advise on any issues which arise from taking this approach and we would always recommend you take the advice and expertise of your system administrators into account.

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    Could the javascript be updated on this topic, so I can point our systems people to it?



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