Publish/Review workflow options

One area that is varied across universities is the reading list reviews process. You might be wondering:

"What happens when an academic has completed their list? Can they send it for review or do they just publish it?"

In the past an academic could publish their list and the library would not know this had happened. This would lead to items not being available when required, or last-minute rush ordering by the library. To help combat this, Talis Aspire offers four workflow options, and these are outlined below.

Review and publish workflows settings

Review & Publish

This is where both "Publish" and "Request review" actions are available to a list publisher and they have the choice of which action to take. The user will still need to publish after requesting a review.


Review & Publish with reminder  

This workflow option presents the list publisher with two options when an edit has been made:

  • "Review & Publish" will complete both actions in one click.
  • "Publish" will publish the changes, while reminding the user about requesting a review.

List Publisher without View Reviews Data permission:


User with View Acquisitions Data permission:


Force Review

Both the publish and request review actions are available, but publishing will always force a review request unless you have the View review data permission within your role/s held. If a librarian/library staff wants to raise a review request, they have to request a review manually as the publish action will no longer force this workflow. This change is designed so that when quality checking a list or making a small change such as an edition swap doesn't trigger a review request unnecessarily.

List Publisher without View Acquisitions Data permission:


User with View Acquisitions Data permission:


Review only

The publish action is not available and the only option is to submit a review request, on completion of the review the list is automatically published

List Publisher without View Acquisitions Data permission:


User with View Acquisitions Data permission:


The Publish option will NOT show in the Edit Menu, unless you hold the View Acquisitions Data permission.

So if you want to ensure the library sees all reviews you will want to choose the "Force Review" or "Review only" option. But if you are happy to trust that your academics will send their item for review then you will want to choose one of the first two options, it may be having a reminder will be enough to prompt them to send for review.

What happens when a Review is completed?

When a Review has been marked as completed the list publisher for that list receives an email notification informing them that the review is complete.  Any notes added to the Review completion form are also included in the email.  This is an automated email and can not be disabled.

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